Tuesday, August 12, 2008

dog tattoos

So my buddy says he wants to tattoo his dog. Not get a tattoo of his dog on his arm, but actually put a tattoo on his dog. He wanted me to find out if there would be any legal ramifications, or if anybody s done this before. I thought oh man those unwashed liberal hippy's would shit a brick. I checked online and found out first: that it is completely legal to tattoo your dog, and second: several people have. It started out as identification numbers tattooed in the dogs ears to identify the dog if it is lost or stolen. Laboratories and company's cant accept animals with ID numbers. But thieves started to steal the dogs then cut the ear with the ID number off. Now some people have decided to tattoo other things on there animals to make them more identifiable. Of course some tattoo there animals purely for vanity reasons also, witch i don't see any problem with considering those Nuticles fake dog balls are far more potentially harmful. Dog skin is different then human skin, the dogs do not feel the tattoo like we do, the dogs only need to be slightly sedated so the noise of the tattoo gun doesn't freak them out. Where as with Nuticles the dog has to be completely knocked out. Well opinions are like assholes every ones got one and everyone thinks everyone else's stinks. so if you've got one let me know... an opinion not an asshole.

Now for something to honor Alaska's mild mannered cousins to the east.

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